Why Sponsor The Fleet Carnival?

Fleet & District Carnival is managed by a volunteer committee made up of local business owners and event professionals with families and ties to Fleet. Their skillset will ensure that your sponsorship is used to put on a weekend of events which appeal to everyone and brings the local community together. Contrary to public belief, Carnival is NOT funded or organised by Fleet Town Council.

For this reason, we are reaching out to companies to find sponsors for various elements of the Carnival. Whether that be a page in the programme, to sponsorship of an event, there is something to suit all businesses and all budgets. By sponsoring the carnival we will provide you with opportunities to promote your business/service/products and position you alongside a charity fundraising event that has been established for decades.

With a reach of over 32,000 people in Fleet and 100,000 in Hart district, Carnival has a thriving and active network of supporters who you can reach out to.

We are looking for companies sponsor carnival and a variety of supporting events and items in the run up to carnival weekend. We can devise a sponsorship plan to help you to achieve specific goals, such as increasing your profile or exposure in the community, launch a new product or venue.

2019 Sponsor:

To be announced.

The benefits of each sponsorship package are outlined on the following pages and can be varied to suit your requirements.

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