Fleet Carnival Artwork Competition

This year we are running our annual artwork competition from Tuesday 3rd January until Friday 21st February, with the theme being CHILDREN’S BOOKS.

The winning entries for each age group will be announced on Thursday 2nd March, World Book Day!

• 5 years and under
• 6-7 years
• 8-9 years
• 10-11 years

Each entry needs to have the child’s name, age/age group, and school/group written on the back or included in the entry email.

Entries in the past have included drawings, paintings, and collages, and have been typically A4 sized, but we welcome any entry that can be photographed or scanned in!

Any physical pieces we receive will be returned once judging and awards have taken place.

Entries can be anything relating to the theme of children’s books and does not need to include ‘Fleet Carnival’ – it is totally up to the children.

Some ideas we’ve had at HQ include illustrations of a favourite book, well-known characters, fantasy worlds from a book, or even a library – the more imaginative the better!

We would love for as many children as possible to get involved, so whether you run this as an optional activity, something to do in a wet break, or incorporated into a lesson, we would love to see what the children come up with!

Want to get involved or have a question…?