Carnival 2018 time in Fleet is here!

Fleet & District Carnival has been at the heart of Fleet community since 1956 and is a much loved tradition. It brings together the local community, by having some fun and raising money for local charities.

This years Carnival theme is Hollywood ‘Stars of Stage & Screen’

We love the Hollywood – ‘Stars of Stage & Screen’ theme for 2018 and cant wait to see all the amazing floats.

The choice this year is endless, will you choose your favourite film, or a mixture of films by your favourite actor/actress or a will you base it on your favourite small screen stars?  We literally cannot wait!

Fleet Carnival has been at the heart of the local community for over 60 years.

Most people think that the Carnival is run by the various Councils and some think that we have a huge committee. In actual fact, whilst we have great relationships with our local Councils, they are not a part of our committee. Our committee fluctuates between 12-20 people each year. Every single one of us is an unpaid volunteer. Yes it is hard work BUT as the biggest and oldest event in Fleet that is hardly surprising. That said, there is something quite magical about seeing the ‘000’s of people lining the streets and flooding onto Calthorpe Park over the weekend.
The Committee 2017/2018

Calendar of Events

What, When & Where

  • Live Music
  • Car Show
  • Dog Show
  • Baby Show
  • Craft Show
  • Funfair
  • Food & Drinks Stalls
  • Grand Prize Draw
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Fleet Carnival is in urgent need of volunteers otherwise the 2018 Carnival won’t be able to go ahead.
Carnival is run by a small committee of volunteers who work throughout the year to organise the weekend of events. Unfortunately due to a number of key committee members standing down last year and no new members joining we do not have enough people to ensure a safe event.
We need to find a minimum of 5 new committee members by Sunday 4th March otherwise we can not run the event.
There are many different aspects of Carnival weekend that we need help with. If you have ever been involved with Carnival, helped with one of the school entries or watched the procession from the side lines, then you will know the sheer joy that is spread throughout Fleet over this amazing weekend. Personally, bouncing down the road in last year’s procession as Ursula the sea witch, is one of my most memorable moments ever. I am very proud to be a part of a great team of people, that want to continue on, an amazing event but we really, really need help to do this. Please get in contact ASAP if you are free Carnival weekend- 7-9th July and can give any time to this event. We need a minimum of 5 volunteers before 4th March otherwise Carnival WILL NOT run this year. Our next committee meeting is Monday 12th March and if we do not have the numbers by will not be able to run this year so please get in touch. Thank you.

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Fleet Carnival  @Fleet_Carnival
The first Carnival event of 2018 is the Prince & Princess Selection Disco💛 It is taking place on Saturday 21st... 
Fleet Carnival  @Fleet_Carnival
If anyone can help on Carnival weekend and give up a little time to attend Carnival meetings to help a great team... 

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