The choice of 2014 charity was put to the vote in the lead up to Carnival weekend 2013 and the people of Fleet have spoken and chosen STARBURST FOUNDATION as the winners.

For the last few years the Carnival Committee have chosen the charity themselves, but for 2014 we decided to ask the people of Fleet to nominate who they would like to see head up the procession and benefit from the donation.

The 1st round of nominations opened in January on our facebook page and in April we put together a shortlist of the top 4 charities.  We then opened the voting and gave people the opportunity to vote again on our facebook page or at Carnival HQ on Calthorpe Park over the weekend.

We received over 450 votes and the winners with 191 votes were Starburst Foundation.

We are thrilled to be working with them over the coming year have many fantastic ideas in the pot on how to raise money that all the community can get involved with.