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    Risk Assessment Guidance Notes:

    Section 1. Company name (trading title) and contact details Enter details of parent company or organisation if relevant and trading name if appropriate. Or Name and address of owner/proprietor or stall organiser. N.B.These details should directly relate to details on Public Liability Insurance documentation.

    Section 2. Date of assessment and details of person carrying out assessment.

    Section 3. Detailed description of activity being carried out.

    Section 4. Numbers of individuals involved in operating stand. N.B. Traders must check with insurance providers that children are covered by PLI policy if they intend to employ them (paid or unpaid)

    Section 5. List all hazards associated with activity N.B.The technical definition of a hazard is; “something that has the Inadequate food handling procedures/ Collapse of structure/ Electricity

    Section 6. List all relevant control measures, these should reflect the hazards listed in section 5 with any relevant potential to cause harm” i.e. fire/slips/trips and falls/sharp objects/falls from heights/ live animals/standards/professional qualifications detailed. i.e “All equipment used complies with BS*****” “Stall holder is member of the National ******** Association and all activities are carried out in accordance with recognised codes of practice”

    Section 7. Any hazards that the assessor feels are not completely or sufficiently mitigated by the control measures listed in section 6 should be detailed here. i.e. If the assessor feels that there remains an acceptable risk then this must be detailed.

    The assessment must be signed by the senior person in the organisation.