The Carnival Storage Shed has seen better days and is need of being replaced.

Our lovely and very old storage unit, lovingly referred to as ‘Narnia’ is in dire need of being replaced. The lovely Jamie Semple has been and had a look at it for us but sadly it needs more than just new felting on the roof, as we originally had thought. We can see daylight through the tongue and groove panels and we can see the sky through some of the gaps in the roof. The trusses are bowing as is the roof and the walls are not looking very clever.

Narnia houses the very important and key part of the procession – The Prince & Princess Float. We have been lucky so far that it hasnt been damaged with the water that has got in, but it is only a matter of time before that happens.

Are there any building companies out there that could help us with supplying some of the materials we would need to rebuild Narnia?

Please contact us at: if you are able to help or know someone that can.