Thank you to everyone that responded to our Feedback Survey. ALL the points were raised at last nights wash up meeting and taken on board for 2016.

We would just like to clarify a few points that were mentioned often:

Procession – The route was changed to the shorter route this year as it was felt that not enough people lined the streets early on in the procession (most people are in the high street). The feedback from those in the procession was that the new shorter route is preferable.

Judging – Judging is a very difficult process and you always end up upsetting someone.

As from 2016 we will be issuing judging criteria to all entrants in advance so they know what they have to aim for.

Advertising – Yep we got it wrong this year and our ‘non social media’ advertising was lacking. Discussions on how to change this for 2016 are already taking place. But just to make everyone aware – Fleet Carnival will always take place 1st weekend in July (unless a special occasion ala Jubilee forces us to move it)

Here’s looking forward to a great 2016 Carnival). If you would like to get involved (be it on the committee or just helping out at some point over the weekend – we always need volunteers on each day) please do contact the team